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Do you still remember “Palikpik” of Sineskwela”? Here is her life now!

Most of the 90s kids still remember their most favorite television program even until today. One of those educational shows is “Sineskwela”, it is a Filipino children’s television series produced by ABS-CBN Foundation, Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports.

The show aims to educate children about science. It was alternatively known as a “School on Air”. Some of their cast are Winnie Cordero, Icko Gonzales, Roobak Calle, Brenan Espartinez, and Christine Bersola-Babao. Do you still remember “Palikpik”? Sheena Ramos portrayed as “Palikpik” in Sineskwela. She is the one who gives a lot of information about the ocean. Here is her life now after her stint at the 90s famous show.

Just like any other young celebrities, Sheena was able to penetrate the show business industry because of her successful portrayal in Sineskwela. She may not be working in front of the camera today but she still works as a Digital Marketing Strategist ng TV 5.

She didn’t become a famous actress but because of her job, she was able to do a lot more things that she loves. The former child star joins theatre as well as modeling jobs in different popular brands. She also shares a lot of her IG-worthy travel and vacations inside and outside the country.

A lot of the Sineskwela fans and supporters misses the casts a lot, as well as the program’s purpose to educate young children in the comfort of their home but many, are still happy to know that she was able to pursue her goals in life and to become successful in her chosen field just like any other Sineskwela casts.

True enough that Sineskwela has been one of the best programs before and a lot of the 90s kids wished that their children can also enjoy such television programs instead of sticking their eyes and their hands in their hand-held gadgets.

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