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21 years and counting, Tonton Gutierrez confident he won’t cheat on Glydel


While we often see couples break up and throw away their relationships, Glydel Mercado and Tonton Gutierrez are proving that there is still “forever.”

The celebrity couple have been together for a total of 21 years – 6 years as sweethearts and 15 years as a married couple. But they are not seeing an ending to their love story soon. In fact, Tonton is confident they will have a lasting relationship.

The secret to Tonton and Glydel’s relationship, they said, is communication and trust. “Relax lang kami, that’s the secret behind it, simple lang,” Tonton says.

Glydel explained, “Our communication is always open when we talk about our projects, our children, how we manage our day-to-day lives, the expenses at home and other business. In other words, walang taguan. Everything is open.”

“I am not the jealous type. I don’t make ‘patol sa mga intriga.’ If I want to know about something I heard about Tonton, I’d ask him,” she added.

Tonton also shared they don’t usually mingle with “showbiz folks” and prefer to just stay at home with their kids. When asked why he’s confident he won’t cheat on his wife, Tonton replied, “Maliit lang ang mundo, and with social media.”

Tonton said when they decided to get married, many showbiz folks were quite skeptical of their decision. He said, “We never thought of the showbiz side of it. We just went on with the marriage, we just went on with life. Wala kaming iniisip na baka ganito, ganyan. We just kept our lives simple.”

The celebrity couple is blessed with two daughters. The eldest, Aneeza, is now 14 years old while the youngest, Aneeka is 8 years old.

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