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Get Amaze in Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla Industrial-inspired 3-story Townhouse

Unlike most celebrities who have decided to invest and build their haven in the south, actor Aljur Abrenica bought a property in Quezon City. He chose the location because it is near ABS-CBN and GMA. It’s a stand-out because of its industrial-inspired theme, starting from the red gate that is so unique. Most homeowners prefer light or pastel colors but Aljur is different because his 3-story townhouse is filled with bold colors. You can see a lot of red colors inside the house. The bachelor’s pad feel in his townhouse was designed by director Richard Somes who is a friend of the actor.

This space is enough to accommodate Aljur’s motorcycles and cars. There’s a mural on one wall. This is the biggest mural in the house which was done by Direk Richard.

Living Area

This area is filled with deep colors, woods, bricks, and has exposed piping. It has wooden pieces of furniture and a bookshelf that contains a lot of books because both Aljur and Kylie love to read. The sofa has a wooden base filled with cushions. On another sofa, there are throw pillows that spell out Kylie.

This house is filled with wood furnishings just like the entertainment center in the living area though this has a more natural finish. It holds the TV, gadgets, and entertainment essentials. This area has three of Direk Richard’s paintings.

Just like all the other parts of the house, the dining area is also filled with wood types of furniture. It is surrounded by bricks which give character to the area even though there are no other décors. It has a bar cabinet and a dining table that can fit 14 people.

There are overhead storage and cabinets which can be used to store supplies and other essentials. The area has a dark color tone but the lighting pieces can keep it cozy.


This used to be an open-air backyard which was turned into a kitchen. It also has an industrial theme as in the other areas. Bricks cover the wall and the kitchen also has stainless countertops with a wooden island in the middle. The industrial feel in the kitchen is finished with wooden beams in the exposed ceiling.

This part of the house is Aljur’s favorite spot. There’s a spiral staircase in the kitchen that leads to this spot. This spot serves as a multi-purpose where one can study, read, get fit, or simply h**g out. It also has brick walls and natural light stream from the windows and ceiling.

On one side of the mall is an unfinished mural which was done by Aljur’s wife, Kylie. According to Aljur, he told his wife that he wants her to have a touch in the house and since Kylie loves to draw, the mural was created. For this area, Kylie painted n**e drawings of women.

This part of the house is like a gallery where the Beatles and John Lennon painting is hanged on one wall while a cross-stitch featuring the Abrenica siblings done by his mom is showcased on another side of the wall.


This used to be the bedroom of Aljur and furnished with a raised bed. But since the birth of his son, Alas, this has become unoccupied. He plans to make this into a room for the baby.

The terrace is accessed through the actor’s previous bedroom. It has a rustic wooden table and chairs. This is a great spot to enjoy a hefty breakfast or just relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets that can be seen in this area. It would also be a perfect spot to chill on a cold night.

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