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Filipino nurse helps deliver baby mid-flight aboard Qatar Airways

A Pinoy nurse was hailed for his quick action delivering a baby while aboard an international flight.

Francis Dominic Mendoza, who works in Dublin, Ireland, was on his way home to the Philippines. Little did he know that his flight for a vacation would turn out to be a memorable one.

While aboard Qatar Airways, at around 5:00 in the morning, a pregnant woman suddenly went into labor. As a nurse on board, Mendoza decided he had to heed the call of duty.

So, at 35,000 feet, Mendoza and a Filipino crew assisted the mother, who also turned out to be a Filipina. They were able to successfully deliver a healthy baby boy.

Mendoza recalled they wrapped the baby in a blanket and monitored the vital signs of the mother. The pilot and crew sought for Mendoza’s advice if it would be safe for the mother and baby to endure a few more hours of travel.

The Pinoy nurse explained that while the mother’s vital signs were stable, her condition could easily complicate during the flight. He also added that the newborn baby could also be put at risk for infection and hypothermia due to the plane’s temperature.

An emergency landing was made in Bangkok, Thailand to transfer the mother and baby to a hospital.

For Mendoza, the incident was definitely a memorable and a rewarding one.

He wrote on Facebook, “I have never been so happy and fulfilled as a nurse! Assisting this woman who bravely delivered a healthy baby boy inside the plane while we were in the middle of the flight was just so Amazing. Nothing more!!!

Messages of appreciation for the 25-year-old registered general nurse quickly poured online.

Source :Facebook