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Sharon Cuneta, Cherie Gil switch roles as they re-enact Bituing Walang Ningning iconic scene

After 34 years, Sharon Cuneta and Cherie Gil were seen again doing the iconic wine-splashing scene in Bituing Walang Ningning, but this time, it’s Sharon’s turn to splash wine on Cherie’s face!

The much-awaited “reunion” of former on-screen rivals Sharon Cuneta and Cherie Gil finally happened last night, July 13.

As part of their reunion, the two lead stars of the 1985 movie Bituing Walang Ningning re-enacted their iconic scene from the film, where the villain Lavinia (Cherie) splashed wine to Dorina’s (Sharon) face.

It was also where Cherie first blurted out this famous line: “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!”

Sharon uploaded the whole re-enactment on her YouTube channel last night.

Before doing the scene, Sharon and Cherie first had hilarious moments that led them to doing three takes for the re-enactment.

As they were preparing for the scene, Sharon told the viewers, “This is trademark to Miss Cherie Gil. Tommy Abuel gave her this line!”

When they started with the scene, Cherie first had a little blooper when she told Sharon, “Dorina, nagustuhan mo ba ang kanta?”

Sharon was already delivering Lavinia’s line when she realized, “Bakit Dorina? Si Lavinia ako dapat!”

Both actresses burst into laughter, and Cherie told Sharon, “Kasi nakikita ko mukha mo!”

Upon seeing what Sharon would use as her wine glass, which was actually a syrup glass, Cherie put a little amount of Sake on Sharon’s glass, saying, “Lagyan mo ng konti para malagyan ako ng konti!”

Sharon answered, “Sake ‘yan, huwag! No, no, no!”

Cherie reasoned out, “Para quits na tayo!”

For their second take, both actresses cannot stop laughing, especially Sharon who was already delivering Cherie’s villainous lines.

Cherie remarked, “Ang bungisngis mo pa rin?! Ulitin mo!

“Ako naman, me, I’m trying to be kawawa pero I don’t believe myself!”

Finally, on their third take, Sharon and Cherie were able to do the scene.

However, Cherie looked a bit dissatisfied and jokingly said, “Gusto ko may tubig! Para quits na kami! Uuwi naman ako! Sinira niyo ang eksena!”

Cherie also posted the video clip of the scene on her Instagram account.

She wrote in her caption, “Ahhhh mission accomplished !!! Thank you for being the best friend ever. And for being game always and for a wonderful evening and for your lovely children and for the gift of you and your big heart !!! love you @reallysharoncuneta #dorinalaviñaloveteam”

Sharon and Cherie also posted photos of their reunion dinner on their respective Instagram accounts.

On Sharon’s first Instagram post, she and Cherie were seen recreating a modern version of their last photo taken together, which Cherie posted on her Instagram account on February 2019.

She posted again another photo with Cherie, and wrote in the caption,”Your Dorina and Lavinia. Friends forever!!!”

Sharon and Cherie also took a video thanking PEP Troika columnist and talent manager-radio show host Noel Ferrer for making the reunion possible because of his radio show.

Cherie said, “I have to, really, really! You are the one who created this, who made this happen, thank you for breaking the ice and putting us together!”

Sharon added, “We really wanted to get together for years and years and years.”

Cherie then told Sharon, “I’ve been begging you!”

Sharon continued, “Whenever I would bump into press, ‘Nakita ko si Cherie, kamusta ka daw? Huhu na-miss ko si Cherie!'”

Sharon then said, “Noel, we’re praying for a movie and commercials!”

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@iamnoelferrer For you Noel!!! We love youuuuuuu!!!

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Dorina doing Lavinia!❤️🌟

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In 2017, Cherie created an Instagram account dedicated to her Lavinia Arguelles character in Bituing Walang Ningning.

She wrote in the Instagram account’s bio section, “My mission: to arrive to 100 victims and relive this 1986 iconic scene with every relevant person I meet in the 21st century.”

The posts on the Instagram accounts were all videos wherein Cherie would re-enact the scene as Lavinia and splash water or wine on faces of her co-actors.

Some of these actors and personalities, which Cherie called Lavinia’s “victims,” were Atom Araullo, Bea Alonzo, Ricky Davao, Agot Isidro, Iza Calzado, and Paulo Avelino.

Cherie also re-enacted the scene with her mother, Rosemarie Gil, but instead, her mom splashed water on her face.

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