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She is the Older Sister of Andrea Brillantes That Looks Like Her Twin

Being an actress and a YouTube influencer, Andrea Brillantes has become one of the renowned teen actresses nowadays. She started as a child actress in Going Bulilit and there she gained knowledge on how to portray herself in front of the camera.

Because of this experience, Andrea has become more confident of herself and what she can do not just to entertain the audience but to become a good role model also to the youths like her.

Aside from her on flick and thick eyebrows, she is also known for her awesome video blogs and Tik Tok videos.

Andrea had been to a lot of TV shows and was partnered with a renowned actress in the industry. She usually portrays a child role and most of the time she is the antagonist in the story.

Currently, she has a new show entitled Kadenang Ginto which airs in ABS-CBN. Her co-stars were Albert Martinez, Beauty Gonzales, Dimples Romana, and Adrian Alandy.

She plays as a brat girl whose mother is the daughter of the richest man in their town but unfortunately, her grandfather was married his secretary which her mother didn’t want.

Such a complicated story but surely it will bring the audience to a roller coaster ride of emotions.

In an interview in Magandang Buhay, Andrea shared how she is blessed to have pretty and loving sisters. She is so vocal in letting the world know how grateful she is for having them.

She even said that she is satisfied to have a life with them and it is a good feeling to know you can come home to a family that will accept you for who you are without judging you.

In some of their Instagram posts, it can be seen how close Andrea is to her sisters. She is also told to be the sweetest among the siblings and the other sister agrees to it.

Maybe a lot of you were angry with her because of the role she portrays in the shoes, but in real life, Andrea is a normal and sweet young lady.

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