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Eldest Child Gives Up Own Dreams to Send Her Siblings to College, Earns Praise

She gave up her own dreams so she could send her siblings to college; for this, Ghel Martinez went viral and has earned praise for her selfless deed.

“HINDI NAKATAPOS pero NAKAPAG-PATAPOS,” Ghel wrote on Facebook, sharing a photo as she sits with the sign, flanked by her younger sister who graduated from BS Architecture last year and her younger brother who recently graduated cum laud with the course of BS Accountancy.

Growing up in a poor family whose father does not have a stable job and whose mother stays at home to care for the kids, Ghel learned about responsibility and dreams even at an early age. The eldest of six siblings, she would help sell various items even as an elementary student, just to earn some extra cash to help her family.

A tomboy even when she was still young, Ghel dreamed of graduating from BS Criminology to become a policeman or soldier. She knew that she would have a better chance of supporting her siblings once she has a job; however, life had other plans for her.

Knowing her parents could not afford to send her to college, she found a job after high school graduation so she could support herself in school. But this was much harder than she thought. Juggling school with her job, earning Php2,400 from Jollibee, was too difficult for Ghel to accomplish.

So, she decided to give up on her own dreams and simply focus on sending her younger siblings to college. She thought that it would be better if she supports their college education by working as she didn’t want that all of them would find a job and not go to school.

Instead of working for her dreams, she willingly supported her younger siblings’ dreams.

With three more siblings to send to college, Ghel still has a long way to go, but many netizens are hoping that the two others would also help her out by actually pushing her to finish college with their support while also helping each other send their younger siblings to school.

Kudos to you, Ghel! But don’t give up on your dreams…

Source: Facebook / Ghel Martinez