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Queenie Padilla shares her thoughts on her sister Kylie’s wedding day

Wedding days can definitely bring out the emotions in people and the special day of actors Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica was no exception.

After dating for over 7 years, and being proud parents to their son, Alas, who was born last August 2017, Kylie and Aljur finally tied the knot and sealed their relationship through a lavish wedding.

The couple made it official last December 11, 2018 with all of their family members and closest friends as witnesses to their union.

One attendee who cannot help but reminisce about their lives and the union of the couple is Kylie’s older sister, Queenie.

After the wedding, Queenie published how she was feeling on her social media page which moved a lot of their fans and followers. The lengthy post was also accompanied by candid photo of their whole family hugging the blooming bride.

“Its never easy to give someone you love so much, away. We’ve been together half of our lives. Now you’ll be spending the other half with your own family. I know I have so many shortcomings as an Ate, and for that I am deeply sorry. But I want you to know that my love for you as your elder sister, is unconditional, unbreakable and untarnishable by anything,” Queenie began.

“I am proud to see the beautiful woman you have become. You’ve come so far, and yet you still remain, Kylie. Beautiful Kylie. Kylie the kind. Kylie the loving. Kylie the humble. Kylie the brave. Kylie the adventurous. Kylie the independent. Kylie the passionate. Kylie the determined,” she said.

Queenie also praised her for what she has accomplished in the past few years alone.

“You are an amazing sister. An amazing mother and I know that you will be an amazing wife. I’m not much for words, but I hope I will continue to prove to you that I will always be here for you no matter what,” Queenie said.

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my struggles. I will do my best to reciprocate your efforts. Know that whenever you fall, you can always count on me. I wish nothing but the best for you and all the success, peace and happiness in the world. If you are happy, I’m the happiest. I love you. Congratulations dude, our newlywed, our beautiful bride,” she ended.

Mariel Padilla, the wife of Kylie’s father Robin, also posted a heartwarming message for her and even posted a photo of her reaction when she saw the bride in all made up for the first time.

“The reaction when you see a real life Angel beautiful inside out @kylienicolepadilla raised by her parents @robinhoodpadilla @le1z_zel to be independent, strong, passionate and kind. An Ate @mariaisabelladepadilla can definitely look up to. We are so so so happy for you!!! #AljurKyliEpicAfter”

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