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Paul Soriano reveals reason why he does not want to direct wife Toni Gonzaga

When you marry a person, you have to make sure that you are ready to face any circumstances and any consequences of being with that person. That is why it is so hard to decide whether it the person you are in a relationship with is the perfect person to marry. There are differences and there are times when you just cannot get over of your personal relationship.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal, director Paul Soriano shared the reason why he does not want to direct his wife Toni Gonzaga in movies. Paul produced Toni’s Metro Manila Film Festival official entry this year, “Mary, Marry Me”. Toni stars the movie together with Alex, her sister.

“I think I’m okay naman. Kasi si Toni naman, if I direct the movie, malamang siya ang magdidirek sa akin, e.”

When asked if it is Toni who does not want to be directed, the director answered, “Parang ganun. Kasi siya ang magdidirek sa akin, e,”

The director also mentioned that the fact that they are already married cue in as one of the factors why he does not want to direct his wife.

“We’re married na, e. So very personal na yung relationship namin, no need to be anymore director/actress. Okay na iyan, producer na lang ako, behind the scenes na lang ako.”

Is there a chance that they will be working together with that director-actress relationship?

“I don’t wanna say naman never. I don’t wanna say naman never, but I think for the kind of films Toni wants to make now, I think better that I’m just producing.

“And there are a lot of other directors out there that she wants to work with also. And we wanna make sure that we also keep our relationship, husband and wife, wala masyado working relationship.”

It was in 2009 when Toni worked as an actress for Paul in the movie, A Journey Home. Back then, they were only boyfriend and girlfriend.

Paul was also asked of his reaction if ever he would have to direct a scene where Toni has to do an intimate scene with her leading man.

“I understand the demands of an actor and director, it’s very professional so…I know the craft, e, ganun talaga ang trabaho, that’s the job.

“I mean if I didn’t want to experience that then why did I marry an actress? Ganun talaga.

“I mean if she has kissing scenes, she has scenes like that, as long as she’s okay with it, I have to support her.”