Home Entertainment Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla’s ex wife, Liezl Sicangco are good friends

Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla’s ex wife, Liezl Sicangco are good friends

Before marrying and settling with Mariel Rodriguez, Robin Padilla was first married to Liezl Sicangco with whom he has 4 children –newly wed Kylie Padilla, Zhen Zhen, Queenie and their youngest Ali Padilla who is a possible future heartthrob. Mariel Rodriguez Padilla, meanwhile has one beautiful daughter with Robin.

Liezl Sicangco was with Robin during their early life—as teens, really—before he even decided to join the world of entertainment and show business industry. She was there for him through several trials of his life, including the time he was nabbed by the police for illegal possession of fire arms back in 1994. The two decided to get married two years after, in 1996. The two stayed together for a little over a decade revealing in 2009 that they have been separated and legally divorced since 2007. One report even suggested that Robin Padilla had a total of 15 serious relationships, to which 10 have ended in marriage and divorce respectively.

Recently, current wife Mariel Padilla took to Instagram to share a photo of her congratulating Kylie Padilla for entering the married life. In a post which she uploaded yesterday, she wrote “The reaction when you see a real life angel. Beautiful inside out @kylienicolepadilla raised by her parents @robinhodpadilla @le1z_zel to be independent, strong, passionate and kind. An Ate @mariaisabelladepadilla can definitely look up to. We are so so so happy for you!”

Plenty of netizens praised Mariel for her kindness towards the ex wife of Robin Padilla and how mature the two women are for being civil about their whole set up. She remind kind and compassionate, and very vocal about the parenting skills of Liezl despite being once married to her now husband. This was definitely not the first time the two showed that there is absolutely no bad blood between them.

One can remember a photo Mariel Rodriguez uploaded where she was wearing Queenie Padilla’s kimono. “Love the high quality fabric [heart emoji]” she wrote. Liezl took it upon herself to comment on the photo with two heart eye emojis which actress Mariel Padilla humbly replied with “your children are all so talented [emojis] Liezl wrote to her in response, “Alhamdulillah. [smiley] stay happy [heart emoji]” she also added, “palagay ko magaling din at mahilig mag drawing yan si Isabella hehe lahat sila magaling [smiley]

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