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Regine Velasquez chronicles her “kulugo adventure” on Instagram

Often, we deem celebrities as perfect in every way. After all, wouldn’t they be a part of the glitzy and glamorous entertainment realm if they aren’t seamless as we think they are? Also, whenever they do something that not everyone ends up pleased, we tend to criticize them and shove it to them that they are public figures and that it is their duty to be a good example to televiewers.

But let’s face it, folks. These people who we look up to are humans, too. They have a life outside show business, when the cameras aren’t rolling, when they’re behind the scenes. And most importantly, like us, celebrities, despite being inspiration to many people, have their own flaws and insecurities, as well.

Take, for example, the Kapuso-turned-Kapamilya Regine Velasquez. While the veteran singer and actress is known to be adored let alone for her fair complexion, Regine also has, let’s say, mundane problems like many of us. Recently, she sparked hilarity online when she shared on her Instagram page how unfair situations can be. She just attested that you cannot have all things in life.

Regine shared a photo of her finger with wart and wrote in her caption:

“Minsan talaga ang life gumagawa ng paraan para ibaba ka sa Earth. Yung akala moa ng ganda-ganda mo, busy-busyhan sing kiti sing. Tapos, may pangmayaman na singsing galling kay Mega, ang ganda!!!! Tapos, you realized, ‘The, may kulugo ka, may kulugo ka, eh!!!!!!! Ang hirap eh, lakas makatanggal ng amats!!!!!!!!”

She went on:

“On my way to [at]belobeauty for my kulugo removal session o di baa ng susyal pa rin. [at]eriksantos pasintabi po sa mga kumakain but this is life my kulugo life.”

Kulugo is the Filipino term for common warts, which are small and grainy that grows on skin, mostly on fingers or hands. According to Mayo Clinic, these are caused by “a virus and are transmitted by touch.”

Also, the “Mega” Regine was referring to was the one and only “Megastar” Sharon Cuneta. It was a diamond that the latter gifted to Regine when she made an appearance at the Asia’s Songbird’s concert last November 24.

Meanwhile, as expected, the tiny wart bid its farewell and it was evident on Regine’s following post. She then expressed her gratitude to the famed clinic. She also detailed what went down during the treatment.

“Thank you so much [at]belobeauty and Dra. Guada for my kulugo removal session. Habag nasa Belo ako at nagpapatanggal ng kulugo tumawag asawa ko at nagtanong, ‘Hon, matagal ka pa ba? Ano ba pinatatanggal mo, kurikong?’”

Kurikong means scabies.

Regine added:

“Eh lumala eh, kulugo lang eh naging kurikong eh. Minsan tong asawa ko rin eh, masyadong advance mag-isip eh, hay!! At diyan nap o nagtatapos ang aking kulugo adventure.”

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