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Alvin Patrimonio had a hair transplant and the results are rewarding.

There are several possible solutions to try and revive a receding hairline. Products that claim to help are everywhere and range from topical treatments, to hair supplements to even wearing wigs as an effective solution. Of course, these options prove to only be a quick fix and are not as effective as doing the one thing that ensures a full head of hair—hair transplant. One person to undergo the said surgery is Alvin Patrimonio.

According to Mac Fadra—the CEO of MAXiM Hair Restoration, “The only long-term and permanent solution that will bring back lost hair in places where they have disappeared is a hair transplant procedure. If you want to grow your own hair naturally and permanently, this is the only way to go.”

Mac Fadra then went on to discuss further detail about the elaborate procedure where he said that hair transplant is actually “a minor surgical procedure wherein doctors take hair from the back of your head and then transplants [sic] it to thinning areas,” which goes against the common and popular belief that hair transplants are used to restore someone’s locks as it instead fills in the gaps.

MAXiM Hair Restoration is a 13 year old international clinic that specializes in hair transplant. It was established in New York City but has opened in Manila on 2004. It offers transplant procedures, two of which are the following: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT).

FUE is the advanced kind with no stitch, no linear scar technique while FUT is the more conventional way. Either or, both procedures take only a couple of hours to accomplish.

Interestingly enough, PBA legend Alvin Patrimonio was one of the clients to undergo a hair transplant in MAXiM. He got the procedure August of last year. He had the FUE version,

The PBA legend went on to discuss why he decided on the following, stating that “I was losing my hair so I took medicines and applied topical treatments, but they didn’t work for me.”

“To be honest, I am really afraid of surgeries. During my playing years, I refused to undergo any surgery. But the people in MAXiM showed me how the procedure would go and showed the photos of their successful and happy clients, so I decided to give it a try,” Alvin Patrimonio added.

The results came out seamless. “Now, months later, I am really happy with the results. I no longer feel insecure whenever TV cameras focus on me. The results are permanent. And the hair on my head is all mine,” he proudly said.

SOURCE: Spin.ph