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KC Concepcion credits her parents for teaching her an important life lesson

We can all agree that our parents have taught us various lessons in life. Thanks to their teachings and guidance, many of us have been able to stand on our own. Recently, KC Concepcion used her Instagram to thank her parents and grandmother for imparting an important lesson in life. At the age of 33, she’s proud to say that she still practice this kind of idea and wants to share it with other people.

According to KC, her mom, Sharon Cuneta, Senator Francis Pangilinan, and her late grandmom Elaine Cuneta were her personal financial advisers.

The Kapamilya star revealed that they taught her how to effectively manage her finances. They believed that KC should invest first before buying her luxury items. Even though she earns a huge amount of fortune, thanks to her acting career and own jewelry business, her parents said that she should think of her priorities first.

On her Instagram, KC wrote a lengthy message as she acknowledged her family’s practice. Many netizens were definitely amazed after learning her secret strategy. The businesswoman also decided to leave a hint on her post that she’s planning to buy her own beachfront

Dear Mom and Grandparents, thank you for teaching me to ‘Save & Invest’ at such a young age. Like every working millennial or woman in their 30s, I am continuing to learn how to take care of, grow, and move around personal finances.My grandma, stepdad, and mom were so strict about saving up to buy property FIRST, before getting that @hermes bag… Yes, pressure and standards were high but I am glad they were!

“On your own terms. And quietly, without stepping on anyone’s toes. DREAM BIG! BE KIND! You can ACHIEVE it! #Kacepirations #TheKCDiaries #Philippines #RealEstate #Palawan”

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