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Bagong ‘Baby’ Ni Barbie Imperial Pinanganga Ang Mga Netizen

Celebrities like Barbie Imperial has always been adored by many for their impressive acting skills and lavish lifestyle. Stars like her have been able to provide a better life for their family through their enormous fortune. Even with her young age, Barbie was able to provide for her loved ones and can totally buy anything she desires.

After her successful appearance on the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother 737,” this has opened a lot of doors for the young actress’ career. Today she stars her own afternoon TV series, “Araw Gabi” with actor JM De Guzman.

Recently, the 20-year-old actress excitedly bought a brand-new car. On her Instagram, she uploaded photos and videos of her Toyota SUV. Many of her fans were thrilled to see her new baby as she documented her first ride on the car.

Although Barbie’s life seemed to be perfect, it can’t be denied that she also had drawbacks with it. Recently, the young actress was involved in an issue with her former rumored boyfriend, Paul Salas.

In given reports, the “Araw Gabi” star was mistreated by Paul, she has also given hints on her now-deleted tweets during the incident. She uploaded photos of bruises and wounds on her body, the actress also paired it with puzzling captions such as “HINDI TAMA MANAKIT NG BABAE PHYSICALLY.” Even though she didn’t drop a name, many have claimed that she was referring to her former love interest.

Today, the former “PBB” star is currently busy with her TV series with her handsome leading man. There have been speculations that the two are already dating in real life, but no confirmation was yet made. JM was even spotted as he serenaded the young lady during her birthday last August 1.

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