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People in Thailand Are Falling Sick Because of This Beautiful Nurse

No one can deny how powerful and advantageous it is to have captivating looks in this day and age. Possessing attractiveness and extraordinary beauty can get you many things, one of which is people’s. And in a generation who thrives and even makes money out of attention, beauty is certainly an upper-hand one could be born with.

Our society loves discovering unique faces in the crowd and hyping them up for a certain amount of time. Some of the lucky, attractive ones even get to start a career in the entertainment industry because of this. But, this only happens when they acquire a huge following in their social media profiles. Why? Because social media is powerful enough to keep a career afloat in this generation.

Once in a while, we click on a viral post with a thumbnail of a beautiful or handsome stranger. The page loads, then we see and understand what the commotion was all about, and why people can’t just stop sharing a single, repetitive post. This is how it happened for Pimchanok Chumpuchai, the lady who is considered to be the most beautiful nurse in Thailand.

Thanks to a photo shared by millions of users, Pimchanok Chumpuchai now enjoys the adoration and love of tens of thousands of netizens all over the world, especially in Thailand. In both her Facebook page and Instagram account, confessions of admiration from strangers are pouring every day, proof of how powerful one’s beauty can be.

The Thai nurse’s beauty is so enchanting that many people are claiming to ‘fall sick’, and requests to be treated in the hospital she’s working in. Some of the claims include:

“I noticed there are some pimples on my face and I think a surgery is needed to remove them. Do you know which hospital she’s working at?” a netizen commented.

Others would even say, “I’m willing to break my leg just to be admitted to the hospital so that she can take care of me.”

One quick look at the beautiful nurse will make you wonder if she’s just a part of an elaborate cosplay because she certainly fits the part. However, Pimchanok Chumpuchai is a real, legitimate nurse. In fact, she received her bachelor’s degree from the Christian University of Thailand.

It is fortunate that no one actually found out or revealed where she works. If the public knew, there is no doubt that all would rush to the hospital, claim to be sick, and request to be treated by this beautiful nurse. Perhaps the only way that Pimchanok can heal them now is through her eye candy looks that will soothe even the hardest hearts. What do you think?

Source: Worldbuzz