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Iwas Na Iwas Ang Marami Sa Taong Grasa Na Ito Pero Nang Maglabas Siya Ng Cellphone Ay Tinginan Sa Kaniya Ang Lahat

YouTubecontains a lot of various content throughout the years. People who use this video-sharing platform are called Youtubers, and they sure do have original gimmicks in their personal channels.

Tukomi, a YouTube channel which is maintained by two or three admins, post video pranks and challenges weekly. In their most popular prank titled “Taung Grasa Rich Kid Prank part 2, it has grossed a big 4.9 million views.

Tukomi shared the first part of their “Rich Kid” prank video a year ago. It earned 2.2 million views which prompted netizens to ask for continuation of their gimmick.

Then, Part 2 and 3 were released last 10 and 7 months ago. Their “Rich Kid” pranks are among the top 3 most viewed video on their channel as of today.

Tukomi channel seemed to be impressive as they were able to get 665, 000 subscribers in just a span of a year.

The “Rich Kid” prank part 2 can definitely brighten any person’s day with laughter.

In the video, a “taong grasa” rode a high-end car and was accompanied by personal security guards. He headed afterward into a food establishment nearby and bought an expensive beverage. Then, he halted to receive a call and flashed his branded cellphone.

It has now 39, 000 likes and 5 million views as per posting last October 13, 2017. The group wrote in the video’s caption, “Thanks for all the support and love mga Tuko! Tuloy tuloy lang ang Good Vibes!”

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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